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HGV Sidescan

HGV Blind Spot Detection Systems

Vehicle Proximity Sensors

Audio visual sensor and camera technology warns the driver of any vehicle, cyclist or pedestrian within
 the blind spots.Self diagnostic sensor technology with guaranteed zero interference ensures safe vehicle 
operation. Completely waterproof and dust proof, our sensors are durable and hard wearing, for long
 lasting performance.

Blind-spot Detection System

Combination system that meets CrossRail requirements. Three ultrasonic proximity sensors over wheel 
arch of vehicle. Side and rear camera with the option of a turn alarm. Self diagnostic sensor and camera 
technology warns the driver of any vehicles, pedestrians or cyclists within the blind spots.

Turning Alarms

Turning alarms warns whoever is in your blind spot to keep clear whilst your vehicle is turning. 
Required for Crossrail. Spoken warning "Stand well clear, this vehicle is turning left"

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