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Car audio
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    4 channel adjustable ISO to ISO amplifier interface.

    Use to install a new radio in a car that has an original fit amplifier that takes a pre amplified audio feed.

    This interface converts the high level audio output of a new head unit to a low level pre amplified signal which will work with an amplifier.

    4 adjustable channels for optimum audio quality, it has a built in ground loop isolator and filters to get the best sound from the amplifier.

    This lead has 8 way ISO connectors at both ends so if it is used on a car with different connectors (such as SAAB or Mazda) then you need to use the car specific lead as well. This might be a steering control or a standard iso audio cable.

    Can be used with car specific ISO leads for Nissan Bose, Mazda Bose, Honda Premium sound, Saab Bose or any cars with OEM low level pre-amplifier signals from the original radio

    Active speakers 4 channel adjustable.

    Always ensure that you connect the remote turn on wire from the new aftermarket radio to the Blue / white wire on this interface