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Snooper 4Zero Elite

4Zero Elite
Radar detection
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  • Snooper 4Zero EiIte Lifetime updates included
  • GPS & Radar/Laser Detector
  • Fixed GPS and mobile laser speed trap detection
  • Aura™ GPS speed trap database
  • 1 mile detection range
  • Europe-wide coverage
  • Windscreen mount, dashboard mount and in-vehicle power cable included
  • Free AURA Subscription
Need it hard wired? So you don't have wires criss-crossing your dashboard!
From £44.99 in store.
From £69.99 mobile sevice throughout the South.
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Utilising the very latest Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) technology, Snooper have created the 4ZERO, which has been designed to help you drive safely within the confines of today’s speed limits, by alerting you quickly, and easily to the presence of police speed traps, often located at accident black spots, electronically indicating potentially dangerous and hazardous situations.

The geographical coordinates of all ‘fixed’ speed monitoring systems and many officially designated accident ‘hotspots’ have been stored on a database that is constantly monitored and updated by our data collection team, ensuring that you are alerted to every potentially hazardous stretch of road or danger spot. The 4ZERO connects quickly and easily to your PC so that you can download the database in a matter of minutes (internet connection required). Please note that a certain level of system hardware and software are required on your PC; see the section Software CD later in this manual. Once the database has been downloaded your 4ZERO compares your position using its built-in GPS antenna, with the position of every known ‘fixed’ speed monitoring system and accident ‘hotspot’ alerting you both audibly and visually via a speaker and LED text display ensuring your highest concentration at all times.

The 4ZERO also comes with a built-in radar and laser detector. A combination of a detection lens at the front of the unit ensures all round protection. It has been designed to detect Radar and Laser speed monitoring systems often used in danger spots where ‘fixed’ systems cannot be easily utilised.